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Fletcher Schrock, Christian Lawyer?

Roger Choate, the father of the two children harmed by the incompetent, unethical, and immoral behavior of the two lawyers listed below, contacted Fletcher Schrock in order to have them reprimanded and prevent this injustice from happening to other children. Mr. Schrock told Roger that lawyers were Mr. Schrock's primary concern, not children!  see the Choate story:

The following email is one of several between FATHERS' president Mike East and local prominent attorney Fletcher Schrock. It is self explanatory. This was sent March 6, 2009


In an email reply yesterday you told me "The attorney's job is to represent his or her client as vigorously as possible within the bounds of the law.  The system works as long as the attorneys zealously represent their clients and the court fairly adjudicates each matter.  Attorney's and judges are governed by ethical guidelines to regulate their conduct.  I feel I am doing my part to insure ethical conduct by serving on the Kentucky Bar Associations Ethics Committee and serving as a "Ethics Hotline" attorney. "

The following bar complaints were filed with the Kentucky Association Bar against Natalie Bash and Sara McGee in their failure to protect Roger Choate's two minor children, Matthew age 10, and BreeOnna age 8, at the time. All of this information is posted on Roger's site:

Sara McGee had access to all of these witnesses the same as FATHERS, yet Sara McGee representing Roger Choate failed to inform the court of this child abuse. Sara McGee failed to file emergency orders protecting the children. Roger had to file the restraining orders himself. When I confronted Sara McGee regarding her failure to protect young Matthew and BreeOnna, Sara McGee raised her voice to near yelling and quit. McGee didn't even refund Roger's $2500, putting him in a position of not being able to afford another lawyer and having to fight to protect his two minor children from abuse and beatings all by himself!

Natalie Bash represented the mother and had full knowledge of these reports, affidavits, and signed statements of child abuse. I, Mike East, personally handed her a copy of the 11 statements that are listed on Roger's site:

Natalie Bash did not respond to all of Roger's requests for information, interrogatories.

Natalie Bash lied to the court on a key issue. When Roger made the statement that the mother left the children alone unattended while at work at Sonic, Natalie Bash told the court very harshly that the mother did not work at Sonic at that time. Natalie Bash had in her possession the mothers interrogatories stating that the mother did in fact work at Sonic at that time.

Natalie Bash battered the children's grandmother so badly  while on the stand that the grandmother stated she couldn't think and didn't know what she could say and not say. To this Natalie Bash responded, "Well I guess I'm doing my job then".

Is it your opinion Mr. Schrock that for a lawyer to badger a grandmother trying to protect her grandchildren from abuse by her own daughter to the point that the grandmother can no longer think or speak, morally and ethically correct by modern legal standards???? Have you any idea how difficult it was for this grandmother to take the stand against her own daughter in order to protect her grandchildren????

These complaints were submitted to the KY Bar and the Bar did nothing, thus stating by silence that this is acceptable behavior by your modern legal standards.

Because of the complete failure of these two lawyers young BreeOnna Choate age 8 had to endure another year of beatings and abuse. It was up to her teacher to protect her by turning the mother in for child abuse. These lawyers negligence, incompetence, and unethical and immoral behavior even put young BreeOnna's teacher in a terrible position of having to protect this young girl and placed a strain on the over worked school system as it is!!

Once again Mr. Schrock, how can a man of God who is on the Kentucky Bar Associations Ethics Committee allow this to continue??


Mike East

President, FATHERS