No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
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Above: Roger & BreeOnna with Congressman Whitfield April 15, 2008

Roger & Matthew

Even after presenting all the information listed below the court would not issue a DVO or change custody in order to protect young BreeOnna. She had to endure another year of abuse before her teacher had the mother arrested for child abuse. CPS- Family and Protective Services have blindly sided with the abusive mother against the children on every court appearance.  CPS supervisor Bridgett Maxey has gone so far as to accuse Roger of stalking her at the court house when Roger was fighting to protect his children. Only after the mother was arrested for beating her daughter did the court change custody to Roger. Two months after custody was given to Roger the mother was back in court trying to regain custody of BreeOnna. CPS still blindly sided with the abusive mother against the children and recommended to the court that custody be changed back to the abusive mother. Judge Sanderson has taken no actions what so ever to remedy CPS concealing this child abuse from the court, and attempting to place the children back into an abusive environment. These are the same social workers that blindly side against the Nichols' girls in favor of the mother. In concealing this abuse from the court CPS has directly contributed to the young Nichol's girl's attack because of the mother's negligence.

August 21, 2007

Roger Choate- argument for DVO against the mother, Lisa Russian, on behalf of the two children Matthew Choate, age 10, and BreeOnna Choate, age 8.

  1. Mother hits and has roll in the floor fights with Matthew. Witness- Wendell Green [Document]
  2.  Mother has 2 DUIs, and 1 drug overdose, and drives under the influence with children. Affidavit- Barbra Dawn Kelley [Document]
  3.  Mother has completely lost control of Matthew. Matthew caused such a scene in Wal-Mart with his mother that the police were called, which resulted in Matthew who is only 10 being restrained and arrested, which resulted in court ordered counseling and evaluation. [Document]
  4.  Mother has sex with different men with children in the house or hotel, and in the presence of the children. Witness- Joy Tabers [Document]
  5. Mother has lived with many different men, in many different locations, and many of these sexual partners have hit Matthew. Witness - Joy Tabers [Document]
  6. Matthew was 3 days away from probation in school for truancy.
  7. Mother abandons the children for days at a time. Witnesses - Gail Evans, Rebecca Evans, Sharon Green, Wendell Green [Document, Document, Document, Document]
  8. Matthew and BreeOnna are emotionally traumatized by the mother. Witnesses- Gail Evans, Rebecca Evans [Document, Document]
  9. Mother coaches BreeOnna how to act, and what to say to social services. Witness- Joy Tabers. [Document]
  10. Mother continually interferes with Roger’s parenting time, and refuses to share evaluations and documentation regarding Matthew.
  11. Mothers latest boyfriend has reported mother to the police for hitting BreeOnna and driving recklessly under the influence of an excessive amount of Loritabs on August 8th, 2007. The officer that questioned BreeOnna was Deputy Mark Vallelunga. This was the incident that prompted the EPO against Lisa Russian.

Biased: Judge, CPS, and state lawyer

Despite the overwhelming, documented evidence listed above, most of which was provided by the abusive mother's own family, Judge Cynthia Sanderson dismissed Roger's request for the restraining order to protect his two children. CPS worker Bridgett Maxey and the state lawyer Natalie Bash conspired to conceal this child abuse. Natalie Bash harassed the abusive mother's sister and own mother while they were on the stand trying to protect the children, to the point the abused children's grandmother couldn't even speak a sentence without being rudely cut off and intimidated by state lawyer Natalie Bash. Family  Court Judge Sanderson did not stop the state lawyers harassment of the grandmother and sister, nor did she even attempt to question the children's family to find out the truth. Just listen to the CPS supervisor Bridgett Maxey defend the abusive mother at the expense of the children! Even to the point of lying on the stand. Instead of telling the truth that the police were called because the abusive mother had hit BreeOnna, age eight, CPS worker Maxey stated that the police came to the scene to inform Mr. West that he had no outstanding warrants and could leave the state without fear of being arrested. Even if this lie was the truth, shouldn't that have been a red flag, that the man that had baby set this eight year old girl lived in fear of being arrested! (CPS worker Maxey had complete access to all of the information above. It was personally handed to her by FATHERS President, Mike East.) As Judge Sanderson dismissed the restraining order she stated that she, "was trying to save this woman a lot of pain", and then mentioned the children as an after thought. This is a clear and precise summation of Family Court Judge Cynthia Sanderson's attitude toward and treatment of "families". Judge Sanderson caters to the capricious whims of the mother at the expense of the health and safety of the children and everyone else involved.

Court video CPS supervisor Bridgett Maxey  08/22/07 (court video) see also: complaint filed against CPS listed below.

Mother's interrogatory statement listing her boyfriend's that have at times baby set the children in her absence, followed by the criminal background on these persons. (mother's boyfriends), (criminal background report1,report2, report3, report4).  This was concealed by state lawyer Natalie Bash from Roger as well. Bash refused to identify which records matched the felons that baby set the children, and told Roger, "find out for yourself". see also: complaint filed against state lawyer Natalie Bash below


Roger Matthew and BreeOnna Choate:

  1. Motion to Modify Custody
  2. Affidavit of Barbra Kelley
  3. Affidavit of Joy Tabers
  4. Signed statement of Joy Tabers 2
  5. Signed statement of Wendell Greene
  6. Signed statement Sharon Greene
  7. Signed Statement Gail Evans
  8. Signed Statement Rebecca Evans
  9. FATHERS Letter
  10. Complaint re: Family Services Interview
  11. Followup to Complaint re: Family Services Interview
  12. Complaint, Family Services, Court Appearance
  13. Bar complaint, Bash, follow-up
  14. Bar Complaint, Bash
  15. Bar Complaint, McGee
  16. Bar Complaint, Summary
  17. Complaint re: Omnibudsman, Family Services

I can produce several witnesses to verify the above, many are at this hearing, and their affidavits and signed statements are attached. Even the mother’s own family will testify against her.

Matthew is only 10, and BreeOnna only 8. There is still time to turn this around.

Matthew and BreeOnna need structure, controlled discipline, and their father’s firm and loving influence in their lives to give them the chance they deserve to grow into self-respecting, law abiding, young adults.