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Frank Borgia

Hello, My name is Francis; I go by the name Frank. I am a father and love all my children very much. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see them in Quite a while (Approx 3 yrs.) My X's will try anything they can to see to it that I don't get to see my children again.

One of them who's name I wont mention filed an false EPO just to keep me away from my children. Click here to see the EPOs and clippings about me.

I have always been a good citizen, who has never been in trouble with the law...

(Well except for that speeding ticket I got when I was a teenager.)

I am now a convicted felon. My crime was my failure to make enough money to satisfy the state.  I have never been in trouble with the law before this.

You see, as a divorced father I no longer have the right to get laid off, hurt or disabled, sick or injured. Any of these misfortunes that can strike anyone without warning and will land a divorced father in jail, or worse - Prison. Convicted of a felon, "Failure to pay child support", Non-Fragrant Support. A Dead Beat Dad according to the courts.

I have always believed in supporting my children. I also believe in surviving. I used to live with my Fiancé before they arrested me. Now she wants nothing to do with me because of what happened.

According to what the state believes, they think that a non-custodial parent has no right to start another family, you no longer have the right to get involved in another relationship, no matter what the circumstances. Even if your wife cheated on you and you ended up getting divorced over it. You  don't have the right to start another family, or marry into one, however, the custodial parent can go and have more children and have more than one family other than her first family, and that's OK in the courts eye's.

As a single DAD I can no longer afford a place to live on my own. I can't make it on my own, not without having 2-3 jobs and work 80+ hours a week, a judge told me that I need to concentrate on my first family and do what ever it takes to support them. That's fine and dandy, however I would like to survive on my own.

I remember when I went to get me a place to live in the government housing, I filled out an application and turned it in, when I went to my interview, I was rejected, The person that interviewed me told me;

1.) I made to much money to be eligible to live there, so I would have to pay the Max amount and;

2.) I didn't make enough money to live there because I pay to much in child support. That's catch 22...Don't ask for Govt. help if you are a non-custodial parent. because you wont get it.

My x-wife is now seeking to try and take my daughter away from me. She is trying to get her new husband to adopt my daughter as his own and have my parental rights as a father taken away.

I was made to feel ashamed of myself before they arrested me. Then what they did drove me beyond my breaking point. Anyone that has ever lost a good job knows what that does to your self esteem by itself. Just put yourself in my shoes for a few minutes and try to imagine this. If you are a father of a child less than 18 it can happen to you! This is just the beginning of my story.


It all started about 14+ years ago. I came home early from work one day and she, my first X was sitting on the couch crying. when I asked her what was wrong she really started balling and told me she was sorry, she told me that she just had an affair with her old x-boyfriend, a high school fling of hers. I was unable to accept this because I have never cheated on her. So I decided to get a divorce and start my life over. when I went to court, the judge (Sanderson) told me that she thought it was in the best interest of the children to give them over to their mother. Making me pay child support through the Friend of the Court. I thought it was wrong of her to do this but my lawyer informed me that it was pointless to fight because the judge would just do what she thought was best, and in her belief, men are just not as good a caretaker as woman. SO, being defeated I had to accept this because I could not afford to do any more. So I paid child support and never fell behind.

Then I fell heads over heels in love with whom would become my second wife at the place where I was working. From there I finally got my big break and landed a job at the Casino in Metropolis IL.  After 7 years of marriage and another child, My second wife divorced me and completely devastated my life. After all the court dates and child support adjustment, the division of child support managed to totally screw up my child support payments by not paying x-wife #1 for 2 years. When I called them and asked them what was going on, they gave me the run around and couldn't give me a strait answer. I asked them what they were doing, and didn't you received the court order for the child support to come directly out of my check? well yes they did. but only to screw up by paying the new amount to x-wife #2 and then they completely stopped paying x-wife #1.

During this time I met a new young lady to whom I was engaged with. We were in a roller coaster relationship from the get go because of my 2nd x-wife. Pressuring me and threatening me about seeing Kristin.  For 4 years it would be happy and sad times, but at least I got to see my daughter for a little while.

Well, I lost my job on the Casino due to a merger with another company and they needed to downsize.  So I filed for unemployment and went to the courts to have my child support reduced, but instead of reducing my support, it was based off of my new unemployment check amounts. So it went UP! That's right, Unemployment checks, which is not considered an income, Sanderson raised the amount and told me that I was Capable of making that amount of money a month, which I knew was going to be impossible, and I was right.  With jobs being hard to come by with the amounts I was making, my child support fell further and further behind, that's when my x-wife's decided to get together and file against me for failure to pay the high amounts the state wanted me too. Don't get me wrong, I was paying support every month, just not what the state demanded that I pay.

Well I was arrested for Fragrant non-support, and the next few months were going to be hell.

I'll never forget the night I was arrested. I was staying at my fiancé's house, she asked me to go and get her brother and bring him home, I was reluctant, but decided that I would do it. When I got home, I didn't use my blinker to turn into the driveway, and it just so happens that the police were looking for a vehicle that matched mine. So giving them cause, they came flying into the driveway with guns drawn, when they ran my plated they had found I was not the guy they were looking for, but I did have an arrest warrant in Paducah. Oh yeah, by the way I was residing in Metropolis IL where I worked. It was the first time in my life I was arrested, and I was totally clueless and scared.  It happened so fast, It made my head spin.  My fiancé went to the jail to get me out but could not because the bond was set to $8,000.00. Well my Fiancé had the money to bail me out, however she didn't want to spend her money on me, so she left me to my fate.

I was extradited (transported) to Paducah on the next day, and spent the next couple of weeks in the worst place I have ever been to in my life.  McCracken County Jail. I thought I was a goner.

If you have never been to jail before, then let me tell you this, it's a scary feeling.

I was assigned a Public Defender, whom did absolutely nothing to help me in my case.  The only person who helped me was my Fiancé, and she didn't make it easy on me.  She put up an $8,000 Unsecured bond to get me out of jail. She made me feel belittled and ashamed of whom I am.  I tried everything in my power to make sure that I would not lose my Fiancé and my children.  My Fiancé kept constantly reminding me that she put up the bond to get me out.

Well in the end I would ultimately lose. Not only my Fiancé, but everything I could of ever hoped for.

On Feb 26th 2004, The worst thing you could imagine happened to me, here I stand, never before been convicted of a crime, figured that there was no way the state would throw a man in prison for child support, I was dead wrong…  Judge Clymer gave me a sentence of 2 years of prison, at that point in time, I cracked, I lost all consciousness, I don’t remember what happened, but I knew I was doomed.  I was bound to make a statement, and I did, but not the one I thought, something totally different.  Instead of proving a point that you can't throw innocent men in prison because of child support, The whole thing backfired and the Paducah Prints this Headline. "Getting razor blade into court prompts probe in McCracken"

The only thing it sparked was How to Stop People from getting weapons into the Courtroom.

Nobody ever even considered why I did what I did, or even cared. Not one person did any research about the why?

However, Glen Sacks hit it right on the nose. Listen to what he has to say.

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Well here we are again, been a long time since I updated this page.  It is now close to Christmas 2008, and here I am still fighting my own battles.  I am now faced with another dilemma, I was threatened to be thrown in jail by the Division of Child Support in Paducah KY for not keeping up my payments of $100.00 a month in arrearages. I made a deal with the division of child support to pay $100.00 a month until my arrearages was paid off. Well Gas prices rocketed up and my hours got cut back from my job, being single it is hard enough as it is to make ends meet.  Well, like a dope, I took on another job and lost the first one, and of course my child support went up again. Now with only paychecks of only 180.00 a week, I am supposed to pay all my own bills, and have 100.00 left over for back child support.  Well I don't have it. So now what? Death? Take me out back and shoot me for not making enough money. Well it seems to be heading that way.  I am about to give up, throw in the white towel. Hell if my crime is that bad, just because I don't make enough money, Then shoot me and get it over with.

Hey! Better yet, take me out of the work force so the state no longer gets my tax money and throw me in prison.Yeah, That makes sense, this way the state can pay $15,000.00 or more a year to feed and house me. And lose the taxes on $12,000 a year I made to struggle to survive.  Oh! Am I being sarcastic?  Somebody needs to shake the courts and give then a wake up call!!! HELLO McFly, IS THERE ANYBODY IN THERE!!!, THINK McFLY, THINK...

I can only hope that the ACFC can help us. The American Coalition for Fathers and Children seems to be a wonderful place of helpful and caring people.  Friendly faces that help out Dads.

Maybe the Fathers organization can join in with ACFC and keep the ball rolling.

To Be Continued... Maybe...

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