No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...

Editors note: Mike & Sheila's story is very complicated and is printed below in Sheila's own words. If a picture is worth a thousand words then the two pictures above should speak volumes. The top picture is a poster for notes to our loved ones at our 2004 Father's Day Rally, (from Mike & Sheila to their children). The picture directly above is our 2004 Fancy Farm booth with Gail and Sheila in attendance. Next to the president and vice president Mike & Sheila have attended more meetings and events than any other member. Mike has written over 20 letters to senators, representatives, social services and etc. They feel very strongly that the system has misled and failed them and their children.

Back in 1996 my son came to me with a disgusting story about his father and what his father did to his sister. I took it to the police and social services got involved. They stopped Mike from seeing his kids but did not put him in jail. They said they had enough to keep him away but not enough to put him in jail. Then I filed for a divorce and the divorce court judge at that time gave Mike his visitation rights back because social services didn’t show up on my daughter’s behalf and my lawyer did not have any of the paperwork. So Mike and I got to talking again. The Judge at that time gave him supervised visitation and when I tried to get it set up through social services they refused. So it was left up to my mother and me. So Mike and I started talking again and working things out. Found out that there was no real proof and that my son had lied. My son told me that his Granny gave him the advice on what and how to say it. So I went and confronted my mother about it. She said she did not. So since there was no real proof I was in a toss up and Mike and I got back together and had another daughter. Things were going really well but we were having financial problems. Some people were talking to my daughter at her school and the next thing I know Social services is coming to our front door again. My daughter was upset about our arguing over financial stuff. And a few other things. Well they gave us time to get our home back in order, we already had counseling set up for all of us but social services refused that and made us go to different ones. The ones they have in their back pockets. Mike found a good paying job on the river and when he got back social workers came again and one handed Mike a complaint form and told him if he had any complaints to fill it out and send it in. He said he would and once he was through he would have a lawsuit against the social services. The next thing I remember I am cleaning and I see them pull up with the county deputy and they take my baby out of my arms and my son is trying to get to his Granny's on his bicycle but they catch him. That was the worse day of our lives.

Social Services later gives me the option....leave your husband and you’ll get your children back. So I did. They put my children with my parents and allowed me to move in with them. I followed everything they wanted me to do. Social Services that is. They kept telling that...and get your children back. 2 yrs passed by still they never gave my children back to me. The worker kept saying they are keeping my children with my parents as a safety net. To make matters worse so I couldn't move out to get a place of my own, my dad quit his job and I had to stay and pay bills so that my children wouldn’t be removed and put back in foster care.

I was approached to pay to get rid of Mike's parental rights....I was told that Social Services couldn't do it because the state wouldn't pay to just get rid of one of the parent’s rights that they only paid to do both. I believed them and that point I would do anything they asked me to get my children back. So I did. But I did not get my children back. I was told "If you want to keep your children you have to get rid of your ex-husbands parental rights."

Well I got to talking to Mike again after all this. Now I wish I had stood by his side and had my son speak up about his granny. We would all be a family right now instead of being separated by the system. But once I tried to get the worker to go talk to my son this last go around they refused. Instead I was stopped from seeing my children.

I also witnessed something at my brother's, where my children were put, when I was tricked into signing over custody to him....I was under the impression it was temporary till I got back on my feet after my father decided he no longer wanted my children and I in his brother jumped on the wagon and excepted to take care of my children when he found out he could draw money off them from the State. What I witnessed at my brother's still haunts me to this day. And needs to be investigated by social services.

I also made a comment that Mike is being punished for a lie told against him a long time ago and why are we being punished when this is going on. Not too long after that I get a call telling me that I cannot be with my 5 yr old on her birthday but I got to see my other two. Then when It came around for my other daughter's birthday Aug.28th, I was told I couldn’t be there that my brother would call me back when he saw fit. He gave me the excuse my children were not minding. And that I needed to stay away. Then a pastor friend of mine wrote my brother a letter on my behalf. I got a call from my brother who used every excuse in the book to tell me not to come back and finally told me I could blame it on my pastor friend. So I told my brother I would see him in court. I haven't seen my children since but I have sent them Christmas presents certified. I know someone has signed for them but I do not know if my children got to keep them.

This is partly my story as short as I can get it and I want the world to know how corrupt the Family Court system is. How they capitalize on other people's suffering and how sometimes your own family members cannot be trusted. There is a saying..."Who can you really trust when it comes to money?????"

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