No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
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Tom Padgett:

Tom Padgett

Hi, my name is Tom Padgett. I am a member of F.A.T.H.E.R.S. I was forced into a very damaging legal conflict spanning a period of eleven (11) years, simply to maintain a presence in my kids' lives. The astronomical costs were not only monetary, but very unhealthy for the well being of innocent children who deserved TWO (2) loving parents in their lives.

That protracted and unnecessary battle which migrated into criminal allegations served no valid purpose other than spiteful harassment and to "disconnect" family members. The alternative mental health practice of Scientology, the cult of Hollywood stars, was a critical focal point of concern and involvement behind the scenes throughout the dispute per every expert witness in the case. There was a 2 year period which I didn't see my children at all. I spent a total of 85 days in various jails in both 2000' and 2002' and was sentenced to prison for five (5) years which was overturned in the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

I was overpaid in my child support nearly $12,000 when they sent me to jail for being delinquent on my child support. Below is a copy of the check I only recently received from the state of Kentucky.

I am just one of many hundreds and thousands of parents who have tried their very best to prevent "child parent alienation syndrome" that often times local courts condone, which is completely inconsistent which the Kentucky Commonwealth's motto of "CHILDREN FIRST."

The internet has a wealth of information on these grave and ongoing concerns. My own situation can be found at Scientology effects on families is at Cults effects on families is at (American Family Foundation,) and issues of biological parents are at I urge all readers to visit these websites.