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Mr. Jefferies

My husband talked to you at the Fancy Farm picnic. I have been looking for an organization like this. I have not been able to locate one. I and my son are in real need of help in protecting my grandchildren and his children. My ex-daughter-in-law has visitation rights every other Thursday and every other weekend. Almost every time they go over there they are abused if not physically then emotionally and mentally. They come back crying and throwing fits. Especially my three year old granddaughter. The boy is six years old. He has been hit with bruises left and taken to Murray-Calloway County Hospital. The determined no doubt child abuse. Charges were filed against her by Kentucky State Police.  The first appearance in Court by ____ was with ______ as her lawyer. ________ was District judge in Calloway County for twelve years. The next court appearance ________ was no longer her lawyer. She was appointed a Public Defender. The next court appearance a date was set for a Preliminary and the next court appearance was the pre-trial conference. The next court appearance the public defender had a helper and her case was assigned to him. He wanted a continuance but I had told ____ to set if for trial. ______ said "no" to the continuance and it was set for trial. Just prior to the trial date ______ called ______ and said she would be ______'s attorney so the trial date turned out to be a ploy to have it post-poned. So they gave another court date for the next month to start over with a preliminary and then the next month was the Pre-trial Conference. I called ______ office and asked did My grandson and my son need to be there and they told me no.

Just when it goes to trial. It was during the pre-trial conference that _____ was given a diversion for no further offenses until January 5, 2005. My son filled out a paper which went to the victims person for his son and stated under no circumstances were these charges to be dismissed. We did not want to put the six year old through testifying but we were willing to do it to stop the abuse. The social worker had written a letter to Judge ______ stating that ______ had recanted his story. But he had not. To this day he still says his mother did it. He told the doctors and nurses in

ER, the therapist and 2 law enforcement officers that his mother hit him with the fly swatter and fist because she was mad at him. The social worker lied on the stand and this is the story my son said she told. The mother and _____ were in a room and the social worker was his behind the door and _____ said a shark bit him. Then she wrote the letter to Judge ______ which was against their policy but the supervisor, _____, said it was okay. So you see my son was abused by the agency who was supposed to protect him. Only ______ stated in court it was not the job of the agency to protect the children. My question why is it labeled Protection and Permancy? Also this incident happened during supervised visitation of whom ______ grandmother was the supervisor. Since that time (during her probation) the mother has hit my grandson again and put bruises on him, took him to the ER in Marshall County and had him say my son did it. The State Police were knocking on his door the next day. My son told them I didn't do anything to my child. I wasn't even with the children during that time frame. My son had business at Four Rivers Behavioral in getting my granddaughter, ______, signed up for therapy. He gave names and phone numbers of where he was and they backed him up. So the charges were dismissed. What gets me if she is alleging child abuse and my son proves he did not do it and was not even around why don't they continue the investigation to find out who did do it. Instead they just drop it like it doesn't exist. My grandson was made to lie to the doctor, cop and social services. But when talking to social services he gave four accounts of the incident. He said his father hit him with his hand, his father hit him with his fist, his father did a Karate chop, and then ______ did it. They knew he was lying against the father. My grandson told me ______ did it and showed  me with his hand how. During this incident the mother would not return the children and my son had to go to social services to pick them up. ______ was mad. She thought she had won. By the time my son got through with the social worker (who told ______ not to return the children) she was apologizing and said she had done wrong. Yes, she did because she let ______ keep the children with out an order for an extra twenty four hours. By the time my son showed her all of the information such as prior child abuse charges pending on her, pictures of the abuse, therapist reports and other information she knew the had done wrong and admitted it. My son told her you need to have all the facts before you do something like this to another parent. She said again she was sorry she didn't know. My grandchildren were spending the weekend with their mother July 30-August 1. When ______ brought them home her husband brought them to the door. Her husband said ______ had spilled a drink on her, had a black eye from falling and was red on the bottom. I was so mad I didn't ask him why she was red. That was a mistake on my part. I looked at her and it was her vagina. I asked her what happened but she would not talk about it. Later that week she did talk about it and did answer my questions. She was taken to the ER but the doctor wanted her to go to child watch. If only he had looked he would have seen the redness. Allegations were made against the mother for sexual abuse because it happened in her presence. On Monday we met at social services with Trooper ______ and the social worker ______. I told them I had not talked to the child further and had very little information to give them except for the behavior she displayed, which was crying and screaming, and the condition of her vagina. The trooper and social worker talked to ______ and she would not tell them anything.

They also talked to ______ but he says he didn't see anything. Later on Tuesday, ______ told me that ______ (her six year old cousin) and her brother were at her mothers sleeping in one bed. ______ (I don't know anything about her except that ______ says she takes care of us) was  sleeping in ______'s bed and ______ was sleeping in the floor. ______ said that ______ got out of bed and got on the floor where she was and started putting his hand up her. She screamed and ______ came and saw what ______ was doing and spanked him. I do not know what story ______ has told but I am sure that she denied the whole incident. She is a compulsive liar  and would not know the truth if it hit her in the face. I'm trying to get in touch with the Trooper to find out what is going on but we are playing phone tag or he is not on duty when I call. My granddaughter ask me to give her medicine at night to make her sleep. She says that is what mommy does. More than once when they bring her back she staggers up the stairs and goes to the couch to go to sleep or she comes in an throws herself on the floor crying and screaming for an hour or so saying she doesn't want to be here. She says she wants to go to mommies. She has only started this since she has had visitation unsupervised. ______, since the incident with ______, has started going in the bathroom without closing the door using it, not wiping and not flushing the commode. She says mommy's bathroom doesn't have a door. This makes me sick. We are trying to raise her with pride, values and a belief in herself. The mother is destroying all of that in one weekend. This mother doesn't care about the children. Her grandmother practically raised ______ when he was born because ______ was too lazy to do it. She always had to run around and do drugs. She did all of this when my son was at work. Then when he came home everything was fine. She abandoned the children when ______ was about eight weeks old and ______ was almost three. She just walked out and for a long time she never called or anything. The only reason she wants them now is for her grandmother to see ______. I'm mad about the judge's decision. I feel if anything she should have been put behind bars and her rights terminated. The judge did not make the decision in good faith with all of the professional evidence provided. I filed a complaint against him and sent them copies of all the evidence we had including the deposition of the law enforcement officer. I explained to them the political aspect of the case. I told them what the social worker had done to taint the case and how everything had been disregarded as if it weren't there. They wrote back and said they could find no reason against him and they believe he made the decision in good faith. This is all profane justice.  We are trying to get the case moved somewhere else but my husband said it wouldn't do any good from what he was told. We are broke but we need help. If we had all the money paid to this worthless lawyer, ______, then we could send the children to college. I have written lawyers on the internet about the case trying to get someone to help us pro bono or reduced fee. I have had responses but nothing we could afford.

Right now I feel I'm against brick wall. I don't know which way to go because the roads seem to be dead ends. Yet I keep trying. I need to save these children from their horrific mother. My granddaughter is very smart and has a lot of common sense. If the mother continues to see her she will end up dumb as a rock. The mother didn't even finish high school. Four Rivers Behavioral has diagnosed ______ future as jail. I'm mad at the judges and legal system. I know there is something I can do it is just finding out what and how. I need for visitation to be stopped now. Tomorrow is too late. Every time these children go over to her house their lives are in danger. I work at ______. If you are familiar with this home then you know it is a residential facility for girls ages 12-17 who have been on drugs and/or abused. I have been working there a long time. I don't want this to be the future for my grandchildren but this is what I see. Its a level five facility meaning it a lock in and the same thing as jail. Please help me get something done. I need it done fast. I will talk, write or do what I need to do to get things changed. I've always thought it was stupid for a mother or father to take their children and go underground.

What kind of life will they have? Always looking over their shoulder. They  see a cop and wonder if they recognizes them. But that is what I feel like is an alternative I have to keep my grandchildren safe. I'm willing to give up what I have for them to be safe. But if things don't change within the next few months I feel I will have no choice.