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Paducah Sun Newspaper Hides Child Abuse

Editor Paducah Sun, As long as you refuse to report this abuse it will continue. You are as responsible as the courts for this continued abuse!

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From: Mike East

To: Pape, Michael

Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 8:12 AM

Subject: Child abuse and incompetent KY state employees

April 9, 2009

Congressman Ed Whitfield,

Once again Roger Choate has had to battle the incompetent Kentucky Family Court and biased Family and Children Protective Services in order to keep his children safe. Yesterday April 8, 2009 Roger went to court again to protect his children Matthew age 12, and BreeOnna age 10, from the mother's chronic abusive behavior. Once again the mother has beaten Matthew, hitting him in the face and then knocking him to the ground in an all out uncontrolled fit of rage. The mother continues to sell young BreeOnna's prescription medicine for cash in front of BreeOnna and has convinced young BreeOnna that this is what you have to do to make money. Young BreeOnna defends this illegal drug sale and defends her mother for selling her medicine. Needless to say this places young BreeOnna without her prescribed medication until she returns to her father.

Every time the mother has ask, Family and Protective Services has been there to vehemently defend the mother's abusive behavior and request the children be returned to her care. Roger and FATHERS asked for a representative to be present at this hearing to protect the children and not one agent from Family Services even bothered to show up! I contacted Jason Dunn and Eric Friedlander with the Cabinet before the hearing requesting their presence. Neither even bothered to reply, let alone show up.These are the persons charged by the state of Kentucky for protecting our children. FATHERS has met with them personally in your office with documentation of their failure and incompetence in protecting our children. Our members have called over and over, yet they do nothing! They deserve to be charged with criminal negligence and jailed for their chronic failure to even attempt to perform their duties and responsibilities in protecting our children.

Once again the biased Family Court Judge Cynthia Sanderson failed to take any action against the abusive mother who is selling prescription drugs right in front of the children, repeatedly beats the children, and curses the children. The biased Judge Sanderson has jailed FATHERS members for not answering her questions fast enough, yet takes no action against this abusive parent simply because of her gender! Richard Modrell was jailed by Judge Sanderson for not answering a question fast enough in the hearing just before Roger entered the court on 08/22/07. This was the hearing in which Family Protective Services worker Bridgett Maxey lied on the stand concealing the beatings of young BreeOnna. Supervisor Maxey also told how the mother was allowed to beat the children up to a certain point!

Local attorneys are also involved in this child abuse cover up. Legal services lawyer Natalie Bash, as well as Sara McGee have concealed this abuse from the court and made no reasonable attempt to protect these children despite both having clear and convincing documentation or this abuse. FATHERS has filed bar complaints against both, and the Kentucky Bar Association as well as Fletcher Schrock who is on the Kentucky Bar Ethics committee have turned their backs on our children and sided with their own in order to "protect the image of the lawyer at the terrible expense of our children". see bar complaints at the bottom of page:

FATHERS has turned this and many, many other stories along with documentation over the local and state news media who have contributed to this child abuse by refusing to report or even investigate these blatantly obvious cases of bias and child abuse by our state officials and officers of the court! FATHERS has sent hundreds of stories to the Paducah Sun Newspaper. The Paducah Sun not only refuses to print or even investigate these cases of child abuse, but even refused to allow FATHERS to print a tribute to Henry Jefferies when Henry passed away. The tribute is on our web page: This is exactly how the tribute was presented to the Paducah Sun upon Henry's passing. FATHERS asked to have the tribute printed at our expense and the Paducah Sun refused.

Once again Congressman Whitfield thank you for your genuine concern for our children and families here in Western Kentucky.

The true heroes of tomorrow will be the ones fighting for our children and families right here at home!!



Mike East, President, FATHERS,

Paducah Sun Editor,

By allowing this child abuse to go unreported you are contributing to the pain and suffering of our children just the same as the abusers.

Shame on you for your lack of courage and Christian values.

Mike East

President, FATHERS


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From: Mike East


Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 6:42 AM

Subject: Child abuse in Western Kentucky

Jason Dunn

Commissioner's Office

Department for Community Based Services

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

275 East Main Street, 3W-A

Frankfort, KY  40621

Jason C. Dunn,

It's been months since Representative Whitfield's office and FATHERS met with you. The child abuse in Western Kentucky continues unchecked just the same as before our meeting. Your Family Services workers continue to ignore and even cover-up and attribute to this abuse the same as before our meeting!

Young BreeOnna and Matthew Choate, ages 10 and 12 now, are still being abused and your workers continue to request the court place them back in the custody of the abuser!! court video:

Despite presenting this and other court documents to you that clearly show your office's complete failure and incompetence in protecting our children you have done nothing positive.

The only action you have taken is to cover your backsides by having the court records of the Nichol's girls abuse sealed days after our meeting!

Police report attached in PDF

I have mailed registered letters of your failure and what FATHERS considers your criminal negligence to the governors office, state attorney general, and contacted state legislators etc. regarding your contribution to this abuse.

Roger Choate has yet another court hearing Wednesday, May 8 at 9:00 AM in McCracken County Family Court to once again fight to protect his children. Roger has requested the state workers responsible be present during this hearing and will ask the judge to hold them responsible for their actions.

It would be in your best interest to be present and take responsibility for your failure and contribution to this child abuse.


Mike East

President, FATHERS



Paducah Sun Newspaper Bans FATHERS

If you have wondered why you have not seen anything regarding FATHERS in the Paducah Sun newspaper recently it is because of a ban imposed by Jim Paxton on anything submitted by FATHERS to the newspaper. We have been told this ban was imposed at the request of the local legal community. If a few local prominent lawyers can ban even the meeting announcements of a non-profit support group for parents that are in pain, what chance does an individual have against this “click”?

The Paducah Sun banned all articles from FATHERS without even notifying the group. The first article that the Paducah Sun refused to run without giving FATHERS notice was the support meeting the Monday after Christmas. It was submitted as follows:

Support Meeting

The holidays can be a very difficult time for anyone separated from their loved ones. When we are separated from our children, by a legal system we believe is very unfair, this time of year can be almost unbearable. If you are hurting please join us. There is comfort in sharing your story with those who know your pain, and care.

We meet at the Paducah Public Library the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 PM, (Dec. 27th ). Join us. Let’s fix this.

In a legal system that is just, and fair, public scrutiny is welcome. Why is our local legal community so determined to squash a non-profit support group if they have nothing to hide?

The articles that FATHERS ran, and questions FATHERS ask, should have been investigated by the Paducah Sun to begin with. Why do the articles written by the Paducah Sun on the local lawyers and judges run like paid advertisements? Why is it up to the parents that have been separated from their children and are already in pain to ask these questions?

The Paducah Sun has a moral and social obligation to investigate and report both sides of the story. What else is happening in our community that we should know about?

The following were all sent to the Paducah Sun Newspaper which refused to run them, and refused to give any written reason or policy that FATHERS had infringed upon. All stories and announcements were paid for by FATHERS, a non-profit support group.

Jan. 18, 2005

Jim Paxton

Below is the announcement FATHERS would like to make in the sports section of Sunday’s paper.

We have to date not been informed as to any specific policy that we have infringed upon. Our announcement informing our members about the support meeting two days after Christmas was cancelled without notice. The paper would not respond to my fax or calls. I had to come to the office just to be told we would not be allowed to run any more paid articles.

FATHERS would like to work with the Paducah Sun to resolve our differences. We believe we have a serious problem with the legal system in western Kentucky.

FATHERS is requesting that the following announcement be run Sunday. If this poses a problem please respond in writing listing the specific reasons that a non-profit support group can not announce it‘s meetings in your paper. FATHERS is also requesting a copy of the Paducah Sun’s guidelines regarding such groups and paid ads and announcements.

I will be happy to meet with you to discuss this issue if you prefer. I look forward to working through our differences.



Mike East

Vice President, FATHERS

Ph. & fax 462-3741


Judge Rick Johnson Guest Speaker

Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Rick Johnson will be our guest speaker Monday night. Anyone having any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the appeal process in the state of Kentucky is urged to attend.

We meet at the Paducah Public Library the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 PM, (Jan. 24th ). Join us. Let’s fix this.


February 22, 2005

Jim Paxton,

You are hurting our members and our community by refusing to run the meeting announcements of our non-profit support group.

It is your public duty to expose wrong doings in our community, not contribute to them by turning a blind eye.

You will not be remembered for your efforts of good in the community if they are overshadowed by your apathy to such social injustice laid right in your lap.



Mike East


Ph. & fax 462-3741


FATHERS/Non-Custodial Parent- Support Meeting

Our meeting this Monday will be held open for discussion and support. If you are hurting please join us. There is comfort in sharing your story with those who know your pain, and care.

We meet at the Paducah Public Library the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 PM, (Feb. 28th ). Join us. Let’s fix this.


May 10, 2005


Jim Paxton


Mike East


Ph. & fax 876-7741


Evil to Triumph


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing. Anyone that knows of a wrong or injustice, and does not speak out or lift a finger to help, is a silent participant in evil. Join us. Let’s fix this.



Fathers Asking To Have Equal Rights


December 20, 2005


Jim Paxton,


It has been one year since you banned everything from FATHERS in your newspaper without any written reason or explanation.

Below are two announcements FATHERS would like to run together this weekend in the sports section.

If you intend to continue your ban of our non-profit support group please notify us in writing as to the reason.


Mike East


1673 Hamburg Rd.

Kevil, KY 42053



FATHERS Mourns The Loss Of Our Founder And President

Henry Jay Jeffries


In HIS infinite wisdom the Lord has called our Founder and President, Henry Jay Jeffries, home. It is with great sorrow that I must notify the FATHERS group and all concerned that Henry passed away Sunday, December 18, 2005. He was, as always, doing the work of the Lord right to the very end, more concerned about others than himself.

Henry was one of the few men I have met that actually practiced what he preached. In his dedication to the Lord, his family, his church, FATHERS, and anyone he met that needed help, Henry set the truest example of Christian love, peace, and strength from above.

Henry, only the Lord Himself knows all of the good you have done. We have been blessed to know you as our friend and leader. We will miss you deeply. Our community and western Kentucky is a better place because of you. Thank you.


Support Meeting


    Christmas can be a very difficult time for anyone separated from their loved ones. When we are separated from our children, by a legal system we believe is very unfair, this time of year can be almost unbearable. If you are hurting please join us. There is comfort in sharing your story with those who know your pain, and care.

We meet at the Paducah Public Library the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 PM, (Dec. 26th ).

FATHERS Putting The Family Back In Parenting For Kentucky.