No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
FATHERS is a non-profit group of men and women dedicated to the belief that:

"No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless because of outdated, meaningless, biased, and unenforceable laws, practices, and social habits".

We believe that the American people will not stand for the injustices faced by divorced and single fathers once this issue is made fully public. Although the group was started for fathers, we do have mothers that have been treated just as unfairly and cruelly. FATHERS stands for the rights of any child and loving relative that have been separated from each other unjustly. We meet at the Paducah Public Library the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. Join us. Let's fix this.

This is an issue of growing concern in this nation and in this community. Lives and families are being destroyed by courts that are ruling with bias, and prejudice against non-custodial parents. The courts are taking the easy way out of appointing custodial parent "good parent", non-custodial parent "bad parent". In many cases total control over the child/children is given to the custodial parent, and for all practical purposes the non-custodial parent is stripped of all their basic human rights as a parent.

In many cases the child/children are moved hundreds or thousands of miles from their non-custodial parent, relatives, schools, friends, churches, and the only life they have ever know. All under the guise of "in the best interest of the child".


By  giving complete authority over a child to one parent, and stripping the other of virtually all their rights as a parent, the court places the custodial parent in a position to devastate the non-custodial parent at the child's expense. And all at a time when emotion's are high, and the pain and confusion of divorce can blur the judgment of even the most well intentioned parent. FATHERS believes that there are solutions to this grave and ongoing injustice:

Define the rights and responsibilities of being a parent, regardless of gender, and insure these rights and responsibilities by meaningful and enforceable law.

This includes training and educating our judicial system on PAS, (parental alienation syndrome- when one parent literally teaches the child/children to disconnect from, dislike, and even hate the other parent).

This includes divorce arrangements that insure neither parent will be separated or excluded from the child/children's lives. (Shared parenting programs when possible)

This includes forming a "watch dog" program to follow a minimum of five (5%) percent of all custody cases (selected at random), through the court system to insure the courts and specific judges are not engaging in practices that could be considered gender discrimination.

This includes restoring accountability to Emergency Protection Orders and Domestic Violence laws. (In many cases these are filed simply to gain an advantage in court. There are currently no legal repercussions for filing these falsely, and no limits on how many times one person can file them.)

This includes legislation that will insure child support is collected fairly, regardless of gender, and spent for child related expenses.

This includes state and federal financial and legal aid is distributed fairly, regardless of gender, to anyone who's rights as a parent have been violated.

This includes funding programs that teach the importance of stability, and having both parents in the child/children's lives.