No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
Understand your Lawyer’s Perspective:

Today’s lawyer regards their practice as a business with great emphasis on the “bottom line” or billable hours. Morals, ethics, and justice are not the priority they used to be.

What this means in practical terms is simply: Your lawyer’s primary interest is their business and career. If they can help you while helping themselves they generally will. If your best interest conflicts with their career and practice, then you are out of luck. Do not have unrealistic expectations of your lawyer standing up to a judge that is biased or wrong. You are just one case of many, and why make the judge angry over just one case? Do not expect a lawyer to change the bias of the “system”, your lawyer makes a living from, and is a part of this “system”.

Keep a these things in mind:

1. Your lawyer works for you, not the other way around.

2. Even the best lawyer will get at least some of the facts wrong. There is just too much to keep up with.

3. Lawyers are not always up front and honest. They will try to sell their services just like a used car salesman. Any promises they will not put in writing before hand they are not sure they can deliver. Negotiate just like buying a used car, or buyer beware!!

4. In controversial issues like fathers fighting for their rights to their children, remember that the lawyer is part of the “system”, and just because you are paying them does not insure they are truly on your side!

5. The judge is simply a lawyer that is wearing a robe. Judges are lawyers, and most have a professional and personal bond with their fellow legal professionals. This often gets in the way of unbiased justice. They are all a part of the same “system”.

6. Most parents that love their children will spend every penny they have fighting for their children. Most lawyers will take every penny you have without remorse.

7. The longer and more bitter the fight, the more your lawyer will make. Lawyers make very little from peaceful settlements. It is not in your lawyers best financial interest to mediate a peaceful, quick settlement

Who is Your Lawyer Fighting for?

Who’s best interest does your lawyer have in mind if during divorce your ex is turned into a bitter enemy and you are assured of continued expensive legal battles? Who is fighting for your best interest if your child is emotionally harmed and requires expensive counseling to recover from the trauma of divorce? How does the community benefit from parents so devastated by legal battles they can not concentrate, lose their jobs, and sometimes turn to violence?

A lawyer that has your best interest in mind will fully explain the terrible, devastating, long term effects that divorce has on all concerned, especially children. Counsel that has your best interest in mind will guide you away from vengeful and petty actions toward your ex, and work toward solutions not battles. A lawyer that truly has your best interest in mind will seek to avoid divorce if at all possible and guide you toward peaceful separation if divorce is inevitable. Seek wise counsel, not vengeance.

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Child Support

The number to contact about child support issues is  1-800-372-2973.

If your are paying child support and the conditions on which your current child support were established have changed,  please call 1-800-372-2973,  for information about how to file an adjustment request.

If you are told any of the following,  please get the name and department of the person you spoke to and report to us, along with the date and time.

  1. You will have to hire an attorney
  2. We only help custodial parents.
  3. Any comments you feel are demeaning to you as a non-custodial parent.
  4. Any threats.
What is Review and Modification, and How Can I Request this Service?

Review and modification is an objective review of a child support order to see if the order is fair and based on the Kentucky Child Support Guideline. As a result of the review, medical support in the form of health insurance may be added to the order. Either parent may request a review for modification. "Parent" includes any person who has physical custody of the child. All public assistance cases with support orders must be reviewed at least every three years for the possibility of modification. Non-public assistance cases with support orders are reviewed only if a request for review is made in writing by one of the parents and the case meets CS's criteria for review. Once the review and modification process is begun, it must be completed. The obligation may go up or down, or stay the same, based on the Kentucky Child Support Guideline. A copy of the Guideline may be obtained from any court clerk, county attorney's office, local child support office, or by calling the toll free child support hot line at 1-800-248-1163.

Child Support in Kentucky Questions and Answers

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