No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
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Ralph Priddy - State Sponsored Harassment

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[Dialup] [Broadband] Court video: April 13, 2005: Ralph Priddy vs. PriddyRalph appeals to Judge Sanderson not to extend the DVO against him. Judge Sanderson extends the DVO despite her acknowledgement that Ralph has obeyed the DVO in all aspects. Thus sending a clear message that no person will ever be out from under a DVO as long as their ex decides to use the legal system as a very effective means of state sponsored harassment.


James Jefferies

My name is James. I am a loving Father who has been treated like a criminal because I love my sons enough to stand up against a legal system that has stripped my sons of their right to have a meaningful relationship with their father. Last summer, the police which we trust to serve and protect, backed by nothing more than an accusation (which has since been proven a lie), stormed into my home and forcibly removed my son as we were getting ready for bed. Regardless of the excuse, any system that traumatizes a young child to 'prove a point' must be changed, which I have made my cause. My cause has unfortunately made me a target.

Unable to accept being a 'visitor' to the boys I had been raising as essentially a single father, I went back to court and asked for more time with my sons. That a father would request more than 'standard' visitation angered the court and all of my rights as a parent were terminated. My ex-wife took my sons to Texas and I am afforded no visitation with them. Believing my children's separation from their home, their father, their grandparents, their church, their community, and the only life they had ever known was not in their best interest, I filed an appeal and, after proving bias in the case, asked that the judge be recused. This made the 'system' really angry and the next time I went to court, I was thrown in jail for ten days. Every objective observer to my case insists I was imprisoned simply because I will not 'shut up and go away. I never in my wildest dreams thought this could happen in this country. If it can happen to me it can happen to you.


My name is Rhoda. I can't vote, run for office, posses a gun, or hold certain jobs. I have been denied many of my basic human rights. My crime was to take my young daughter to my home, (I lived out of state and there was no court order against traveling out of state), to a doctor in my home town. I believed she was being abused by her step-mother. I did nothing wrong. I even stopped at a local police station to ask directions to the clinic.

The doctor that examined my daughter agreed with my fears and told me to take her to another facility that was better equipped to evaluate and care for her. We went home to collect ourselves a little, this was extremely difficult. As we were leaving my home a police officer asked me for directions, it turned out he was looking for me!!!! He apologized as he handcuffed me and put me into his patrol car. He assured me we would get this all straightened out at the police station, but he had to follow procedures. I was charged with kidnapping my own daughter 6 hours before she even had to be back at her father's. I was in violation of no court order. I had never even had a speeding ticket before. The local police had qualified personnel and evaluated my daughter while she was there. They agreed the abuse concern was valid and required investigation. I have documentation for everything I am telling.

I was held in jail for 7 days with 8 other women, charged with everything up to and including murder. It was the most traumatic event in my life!!!

No documentation, witness, or evidence of any kind was allowed from out of state. Out of fear for a lengthy sentence, (this was the same kidnapping charge as if a stranger breaks into your house and forcibly takes your child), I plead guilty and received 6 months house arrest and 5 years probation. I am now a convicted felon.

6 months after this happened my ex-husband tired of the task of caring for my daughter and let me have full custody of her.

Cathey Wren   

I am writing to ask you to please support the Parenting Time Interference Bill being introduced by Senator Dan Malano.

My son, Ryan A. Wren, learned of having a son while deployed with Operation Enduring Freedom, January of 2002. He asked me, as his Power of Attorney, to arrange for his son "to be taken care of." I represented him in court hearings, took care of arranging his child support, back child support, medical insurance coverage, parenting time, and reimbursing the state of Kentucky for DNA testing and half of the birthing cost.

My husband and I were awarded Ryan's Parenting Time while he is away. Our grandson's mother has denied us this twice. First time being for five weeks, second time two months, part of which Ryan was home on a three week leave after being deployed for ten months. He returned to Ft. Bragg never seeing his son.

After experiencing a touch of discrimination from our state employees in the Cabinet for Families and Children, another court hearing and another thousand dollars, she received a "slap on the wrist".

A Marshall County case worker for Child Protection once told me that I had a "higher standard of living than most." My lawyer corrected it as "higher standards." What would you have for your children and grandchildren" Our society demands moral ethics and high standard from our military, educators, doctors, lawyer, and yes, even our politicians. Why do we not demand this of our children's caregivers? Each generation is gradually getting worse. We need to start "breaking the cycle." If there are on consequences, people tend to not change.

April of 2003 Ryan was deployed with Operation IRAQI Freedom. While things are going well now, I'm not sure what will happen upon his return to the United States in April of 2004. I have enclosed an example of why I think this.

Thank you for you time and consideration in this matter.


My name is Barney McNeill in 1992, I went to court on custody of my two children. Their mother had died earlier. I was the only remaining parent left for them, but a judge ruled that a grandmother was better equipped to have custody. Bear in mind, that I was an upstanding person in the community, with no charges of any misconduct against me. Join us. Let’s fix this.


After winning custody I was awarded $24 a month child support from my ex-wife. Out of the thousands of fathers paying child support is there a single one of you paying this little?

I have been written up by social services for having metal coat hangers in my closet. They said my children could get a chair to reach one, unwind it and poke themselves in the eye. I have also been written up for not having fresh fruit in my house. How many married couples have ever been written up on anything so foolish? All taxpaying Kentuckians pay for this.

Where has equality, justice, and common sense gone?


My name is Donna. I was raised in a family where my father physically abused my mother. I married a man that physically and emotionally abused me. I suffered in this relationship for 17 years until after having brain surgery he forced himself on me, then shook me so hard my head bobbed like a rag doll. I had only been home from the hospital a week. I got a gun to defend myself which he took away and used to threaten me. On nothing more than accusations he filed an emergency protection order against me!!!! And took my 6 year old daughter away from me. Join us. Let’s fix this


Highlights of what has happened to me:

My ex- wife and her family have tried having me put in jail because I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee.  This cost me $500 for assault. Not to mention a $150 fine for trying to get my van back which a judge said was my property!


My ex-wife has had her telephone number changed and listed under someone else's name so I cannot have contact with my daughter.


My ex-wife has refused all contact with me (email, letters, phone conversations, etc) concerning the health and welfare of my daughter Ella. I have sent two registered letters to the last known address; both were returned as undeliverable.


For awhile I had some contact with my daughter Ella through email when my ex was not around. Then in January when I requested that Ella come and visit me for a few days all email contact stopped!


My ex-wife has placed a lean/hold on my only source of income at this time- my VA disability! Because of this I have less than $500 a month to live on. It doesn't matter that I do not have to pay child support till September 2004 because of my ex-wife stealing $1100 from a bank account which caused us to loose our house before the divorce was finalized.


My ex-wife at one time was telling all of our children that I no longer wanted any contact with them.


The court system gave custody of my daughter to my ex wife because at the time I had no place for her and had just lost the house we were buying. It didn't matter to the judge that I still had an income and could return to my job as a teacher. It also didn't matter that Judy's father was imprisoned twice for child molestation, raped her when she was 5 years old and her sister when she was 16, that her brother was investigated for having sex with his 16 year old step daughter (who was taken out of the house), that Judy and Ella would be living with her father and brother, that my ex wife was on several different medications and frequently had to stay in a hospital for several days, or that she had no source of income.


The last time I tried to visit my daughter in Lincoln, NE my ex wife called the police on me and I was told that if I came back around again "you will be arrested for stalking"!


At the divorce trial the judge ordered me to pay for all of Judy's medical expenses (over $100,000) "because you can work and she cant"!


My ex wife is getting $800 a month from my VA disability which is not being counted towards child support. It doesn't matter to the court system that she has a total income of over $2000 a month (including ADC, housing, Food Stamps, a border, gets money from all 3 of my children and her father, from selling birds and bird supplies and cake baking and decorating, and $600 social security disability each month). While my sole income at this time is my VA disability!


On top of all this my ex wife is planning on taking my daughter out of the country this summer, instead of her visiting with me. Their isn't a thing I can do about it!


That is the highlights; if you want more details let me know. Just for now I have no way of contacting my 17 year old daughter or finding out if she is even alive. This is tearing me apart inside as you can probably understand. Not to mention that the justice system has failed in my case and I presently have no way of getting my visitations enforced.



Larry R. England


After hiring her 4th attorney since this mess started, my ex took me to court once again. This time to force me to pay for day care while she went to the lake and did whatever she wanted. (This was over a $200 day care bill that I refused to pay.) The judge ruled in my favor and I did not have to pay for the day care. Then the judge turned right around and forced me to pay for my ex’s attorney’s fee, which was $800. Even though the judge ruled I was in the right, I was still penalized 4 times the dispute amount. And I had to pay my own attorney’s fee on top of this.

This injustice will continue until enough of us join together to put a stop to it.  Join us. Let’s fix this

Charles Hobbs

My name is Charles Hobbs. A few months back my son was acting up in the church parking lot. I briskly grabbed his shirt collar and explained that was not the way to act at church. I didn’t touch anything but his collar. His mother turned me in for child abuse. I spent two nights in jail and I am now a registered child abuser with the state, and will be for life. My son is 15 and weighs nearly 200 pounds. Join us. Let’s fix this.

My name is Charles Hobbs. After having major differences in the way we raise our son my wife and I split up. I went to get my guns from the house, I didn’t want an angry 15 year old in possession of them. My wife instigated my son into calling the sheriff and said I was going to kill them. 3 sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper came into my home with shotguns. One was so upset he was shaking. All of my guns have keyed trigger locks on them. I didn’t even have the key with me. I can’t have a gun in my possession or hunt now for 3 years. Join us. Let’s fix this.