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Bernard University Interview with Mike East

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Interview with Mike East, FATHERS

Can you begin by introducing yourself?


     Can you explain your involvement in the Men’s Rights/Fathers’ Rights Movement? What part do you play? And what caused your involvement?


     Can you speak to the objectives/goals of the Men’s Rights/Father’s Rights Movement?


     Do you feel as though there is a general stance of the Men’s Rights/Fathers’ Rights Movement on domestic violence advocacy? If so, what is that general stance?   


     (a) Do you believe that Movement has the chance to influence public opinion and public    policy decisions on domestic violence advocacy? If so, why? And, what strategies would be/have been implemented to effect such influence?

     (b) In your opinion, do you believe that men/fathers' rights advocates and domestic violence advocates could work together? If so, how?  



     When did this Movement emerge?  


     How does the Movement respond to feminist critique?