No loving father should go childless and no child should go fatherless...
Supreme Court of Kentucky

Judge Bill Cunningham  was kind enough not only to speak, but to listen at one of our FATHERS meetings when he addressed our members. He expressed sincere concern as our members expressed their concerns and complaints regarding the family court system, EPOs and DVOs, mismanaged child support, and the general bias that face many single fathers simply trying to maintain a meaningful active relationship with their children.

I believe Judge Cunningham is well connected to the average hard working parent struggling to make ends meet and hoping to raise their children to a higher standard of living. I believe Judge Cunningham will bring a sense of competence, justice, and fairness that will bring honor to the highest court in this wonderful state we call our home.

Appellate Court Judge Rick Johnson  has also been kind enough to speak at one of our FATHERS meetings. I did not sense a feeling of connection from Judge Johnson with our members as we expressed our concerns, but rather a feeling that our members had brought our misfortune on ourselves. He defended the current system as well as McCracken County Family Court Judge Cynthia Sanderson and her rulings. His appellate court has stood firmly behind Judge Sanderson and failed to work to correct the injustices of her biased rulings that are hurting our children as well as our families. Instead of holding the many judges spread out across the state to one standard of justice, each individual judge has been allowed to rule as they please without worry of being held in check by successful appeals, (the failed duty of the current appellate court).

Judge Johnson is apparently running his election campaign with the same lack of authority, and inattention to detail as he has shown in the appellate court, as is evidenced by the smear tactics being used on his opponent. Just one example of this lack of leadership and lack of control in his appellate court is shown in one of our member’s stories, (Dee Gordy), as his office referred to Dee as a sob story in an inappropriate email as is listed in her story and highlighted, (following link).

When one of our members recently contacted Judge Johnson’s appellate court seeking the proper procedure to file an appeal of a DVO that had been issued against them they were told “hire a lawyer”, just one more example of the “buddy-buddy“, “You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” attitude of lawyer watching out for lawyer.

Why would we want to elevate this type of behavior to the highest court in the land???